Inclusive Leader

Culture Starts at the Top

A comprehensive development and coaching program empowering intact senior leadership teams with the critical knowledge and key behavioral competencies for building and leading inclusive cultures.

Combining our state-of-the-art culture survey and leadership 360 assessment with off-site training and individualized executive coaching, the Inclusive Leader Program accelerates inclusion by focusing at the top, It aligns team members with a shared language, vision, and set of tools to create a culture of joint accountability and support in the learning process.

People planning
People planning

What’s Unique About The Inclusive Leader program?

Focuses on senior leaders and intact teams, ensuring the success of the organization’s diversity and inclusion efforts because top leadership not only champions, but also models inclusive behavior.

  • Measures the impact of the learning and behavioral change through pre/post assessment.
  • Accelerates behavior change through coaching, practice, and feedback
  • Targets specific, evidence-based behaviors underlying inclusive leadership, not hard to measure attitudes, values, or beliefs.
  • Situates inclusion under the umbrella of the effective use of power.
  • Delivers individualized development interventions, while also supporting the senior leadership team’s development.
  • Supported by a structured 360 assessment and an organizational culture audit, providing input from direct reports, teams, and the wider organization.

Our Model—Power, Culture, Inclusion

Inclusion is an ongoing process of identifying the behaviors and barriers that create the experience of being marginal or being central.

While creating processes and practices that ensure equity is vital, understanding how our everyday, often nonconscious behavior contributes to the experience of marginalization and exclusion is equally vital.

Our Inclusive Leader Program is based on the behavioral competencies of the Power Intelligence® framework, behaviors measured in the Diamond Power Assessment suite:


Enabling the success of others.

Conflict Competent
Engaging productively with difference.
Behaving with respect, civility and awareness of how your communication style is experienced by others.
Maintaining confidentiality, prohibiting gossip, and keeping professional boundaries.
Creating the psychological safety necessary for others to engage fully, take-risks, innovate, and collaborate.
Treating others equitably, not letting your actions and decisions be guided by personal preferences, biases, or beliefs.
Placing the needs of the organization, the team, or the project ahead of your own self-interest.