The Diamond
Power Index®

Are You Making
The Impact You Want
to Make?

The Diamond Power Index® (DPI) leadership assessment measures leadership efficacy using the framework of Power Intelligence®.

It is the only leadership assessment that looks specifically at the effective use of power—personal power and positional power—shining a light on the critical link between use of power and its impact on organizational outcomes and culture.

The DPI measures two facets of power—the leader’s assessment of their personal power and others’ assessment of their use of power along seven unique power competencies. The Power Profile® report integrates results into a comprehensive roadmap for development, with actionable insights and suggestions for improvement.




Join this 7-week email course to learn the 7 key behaviors for using power effectively. Each email introduces one of the behaviors, showing what it is, why it matters, how it plays out, and the concrete steps leaders—or anyone—can take to improve this critical behavior.

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Learn more about how the Diamond Power Index® Supports Leaders and Cultures.

Hear from coaches who are finding success with the Diamond Power Index® (DPI) about how it has helped them transform the way their clients think about and engage with power in the workplace.

Personality-based instruments are often used to build leadership capacity . Knowing your unique traits and characteristics provides clarity about your strengths, gaps, and unique leadership style. By offering ways to understand personal differences, they are useful for team development.
Competency-based 360s help build the business. They assess the skills and capacities needed for the leadership role, and for running the business. They identify strengths and skill gaps, and compare results against global or company benchmarks.
Assessments that measure potential help organizations build their leadership pipeline. They may measure IQ and cognitive skills, personality traits and characteristics, and even values and interests to establish culture fit and person-role fit.
Assessments that focus on impact help build culture. This is where the DPI sits. These assessments measure the impact leaders have on the performance of others and on the culture at large. They shine a light on the far reaching impact a leader has on the behavior of others and how it cascades throughout the company.

How does the Diamond Power Index® differ from other 360º leadership assessments?

Leadership is a journey through different stages of development. Each stage requires not only different skills, but increased self-understanding and insight necessary to transform to the next level.

As leaders rise in the ranks, it’s critical that they get feedback that helps them see their impact on the performance of others and on the culture at large. This is where the DPI sits.

360 instruments differ in the kind of insight and reflection they provide. Click one of the four circles to the left to see the differences of each assessment type.

A Scientifically Valid Leadership Assessment

  • Normed by more than 500 leaders
  • 62 unique organizations, spanning 12 different countries.
  • Takes approximately 20 minutes to complete
  • Used in organizations in over 10 countries around the world
  • Certification is required to administer the Diamond Power Index®

Comprehensive Reports

Power Profile®: identifies strengths and opportunities related to the use of positional and personal power.

Team Power Profile®: a team- or organization-wide report that interprets overall strengths and opportunities, and targets interventions for development.

Power Profile® Coaching Report: integrates the insights from the Power Profile® to create a unique developmental pathway for each leader.