Leadership Should Bring
Out The Best In You.

How does power impact leadership?

Do these scenarios seem familiar?

Conflict Avoidance: Timid leaders who fail to hold others accountable, confront problems, set deadlines or keep meetings on track weaken morale and reduce productivity. The underuse of power is just as harmful as its overuse.

Difficulty Influencing without Authority: When leaders depend only on their positional authority, or a narrow window of expertise, they may fail to create legitimate influence across all channels of their organization.

Poor Morale and a Disengaged Culture: Micromanagement and other disempowering behaviors lead to resentment, apathy, and disengagement.

How do your leaders impact the success of your organization?

A leader’s actions shape the success, or shortcomings, of their team. Effective leaders use their power to create a positive organizational culture and unlock their team’s full potential.

The Diamond Power Index® 360° assessment measures the impact leaders have on those around them and how effectively they are able to inspire, empower, and achieve results.

The DPI guides leaders on a journey of self-development, and provides actionable insights for motivating, influencing, and inspiring the people around them.

The Diamond Power Index® (DPI) is a scientifically valid instrument that’s been normed by more than 500 leaders from 62 unique organizations, spanning 12 different countries.

  • Takes approximately 20 minutes to complete
  • Results are presented in a comprehensive, confidential feedback report, The Power Profile®.

The Diamond Power Index® assessment tool has been used with leaders to aid in their development at some of the world's most admired companies and organizations.

Fraser Health
The FA
Tasmanian Government
Department of the Interior

Comprehensive Reports

Power Profile®: identifies strengths and opportunities related to the use of positional and personal power.

Team Power Profile®: a team- or organization-wide report that interprets overall strengths and opportunities, and targets interventions for development.

Power Profile® Coaching Report: integrates the insights from the Power Profile® to create a unique developmental pathway for each leader.

Benefits of the Diamond Power Index®

• Get an accurate reflection of leaders’ impact and effectiveness
• Improve employee engagement by creating more empowering leaders
• Create a healthy and productive workplace culture
• Optimize your organization’s leadership portfolio
• Develop high functioning senior leadership teams
• Prepare rising leaders to take their careers to the next level