Creating Strong and
Healthy Workplace

The Diamond Power Audit is a culture survey that measures the quality and health of the workplace culture by assessing behaviors related to how employees and managers use their power.

The Diamond Power Audit pinpoints which behaviors and practices strengthen culture, and which need improvement, while offering best-in-practice interventions and resources to improve scores and create a healthier and stronger workplace culture.

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What Makes a Workplace Culture Healthy?

A healthy workplace culture is one in which the behaviors used to achieve organizational outcomes also promote employee wellbeing, strengthen team bonds, uphold the organization’s values, and advance the interests of the whole above self-interest.

The Diamond Power Audit assesses the day-to-day behaviors related to the use of power that play a significant—and critical—role in workplace culture, ones that impact engagement, turnover, loyalty, and the ability to attract diverse talent:

  • Psychological safety, ability to take risks, show up genuinely, contribute freely
  • Trust, honesty, and integrity
  • Productive management of conflict and difference
  • Employee empowerment and ownership
  • Inclusion and belonging
  • Respect and civility
  • Fairness and equity

Discover Your Impact

  • From 100 to an unlimited number of respondents
  • Benchmarked by industry standards
  • 5 minutes, 30 questions
  • Guide for improving scores
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