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Discover your impact.

Your impact determines what gets done, and what doesn’t get done, in your organization. But do you know what kind of impact you’re making?

Making the right impact on your team is critical to success. The problem? From a position of power, it’s hard to get an accurate read on how others experience your actions.

Our leadership development solutions help leaders bridge the gap between impact and perception, helping you gain greater—and legitimate—organizational influence.

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Positional power is your license to act, but personal power is your ability to lead.

Your personal power is critical to your performance as a leader. Research shows that to become truly effective you need to develop your personal power—a power that is unrelated to outer status, rank, or position. The most effective leaders are those who are guided by a sense of personal power.

Our leadership solutions evaluate leaders’ personal and positional power, and outline a path for their development, enabling and empowering leaders to achieve the extraordinary.

The Diamond Power Index® 360º Leadership Assessment:

Start your journey towards empowered
and empowering leadership today.

The Diamond Power Index® (DPI) is a 360º leadership assessment
that provides insight into how you and those around you experience your use of power.

The DPI helps identify critical opportunities related to how you use power—personal and positional—and provides actionable suggestions for development to lead more effectively, improve team culture, and achieve sustained success for your organization and your career.


Diamond Leadership assessments have been used with leaders to aid in their development at some of the world’s most admired companies and organizations.

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