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Power Intelligence®: Becoming a Power Smart Leader

In this webinar, I will introduce you to the keys for using power effectively in a leadership role. We will look at power: What is power, and what are power problems? Why is power so problematic? Why does it become corrupting, as Lord Acton famously said? We will then work through the three key principles of becoming “power smart”—using power intelligently, effectively, and for the greater good.

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Coaching and Developing Leaders’ Use of Power

Are you interested in helping the leaders you assist develop their exercise of power and authority? Curious to learn how to move the conversation about power out of the shadows and into the center where it needs to be? Using case studies this webinar will provide an overview of the Diamond Power Index® multi-rater feedback instrument, ways to apply it in organizations and with leaders, and the benefits to becoming certified in its use.

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Power Intelligence® Q&A: Is Certification Right for Me?

Wondering if Certification in Power Intelligence® is right for you? Want to learn how you can use the Diamond Power Index® multi-rater assessment to support the leaders you work with? Join us for a Q&A all about Certification and the DPI. You’ll learn the unique values of the assessment and certification, find out how others are using Power Intelligence® to develop leaders, and have the opportunity to get your specific questions answered.

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“The Diamond Power Index® is a unique assessment tool for management development. Leaders have blind spots on how they use their power in the workplace. The comprehensive report detailing the results provides an educational roadmap for not only awareness, but levers to impact successful interactions and relationships.”

Melissa Martin

Director, Global Employee Relations and EEO Compliance, Citrix

“The Diamond Power Index® is a powerful lever to unlock the dynamics of groups and collaborations.  The tool provides organisations with an accessible way to talk about and work productively with power, traditionally a non-discussable and conflicted area.”  

Liz Skelton, Director

Collaboration for Impact
Co-Author The Australian Leadership Paradox, The Lost Conversations