About the Diamond Power Index®

The Diamond Power Index® grows out of 25 years researching issues of power and coaching leaders in various industries and sectors around the globe. The DPI assessment and coaching program has been in development since 2012, following the highest standards of professional assessment practices. In critical incident studies, we collected hundreds of real-world examples relating to leaders’ use and abuse of power. These behavioral vignettes, in addition to decades of experience in our coaching practice, provided the inspiration needed to identify the central behaviors and activities that underlie good and bad uses of power. The instrument has been tested by hundreds of employees and executives, and refined using independent calibration and norming samples.

About Julie Diamond

Julie Diamond, Ph.D is an executive coach, leadership consultant, and author. She has worked in the field of human and organizational change for 30 years, and is passionate about creating cultures of learning and growth. For over 25 years she has been at the forefront of creating transformational learning and development opportunities across a range of sectors and disciplines, from graduate degree programs to leader development programs for business, government, NGOs, and not-for-profit organizations.

Julie is a co-founder of the Power² Leaderlab, a leadership program for women leaders, and the author of several books and numerous articles about leadership psychology, learning and change, including her most recent book, Power: A User’s Guide (Belly Song Press, 2016).

Julie Diamond

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