The Diamond Power Index®
How do I become certified?

You can become certified to administer the Diamond Power Index® with your clients or in your organization by attending a three-day Power Intelligence® Certification seminar. You can also bring us onsite to your organization, and have us conduct a certification for your HR or training staff.

Why is certification required?

Our assessment requires certification to assure that it is administered with the highest degree of professionalism and knowledge, used in the proper way with clients, and adhering to best practices for 360° assessments.

What is the benefit of certification?

Certification trains you in all aspects of administering the Diamond Power Index®: preparing leaders and raters to take the assessment, understanding the special problem of power, coaching and training leaders in their use of power, interpreting results and scores, and creating pathways of development for leaders.

Certification also gives you access to training materials, reports, and other tools for bringing Power Intelligence® into your organization or coaching practice. Once certified, you are eligible for complementary consulting and support for administering the assessment system and interpreting reports. You also are qualified to attend advanced trainings, and can re-attend the basic certification course, free of charge, anywhere, and at any time, to freshen up your skills.

What does the certification course cover?

The training consists of the following four segments, or modules, delivered over 3 days

Module 1. Power Intelligence®: A Guide to Leading with Power (can be taken on its own as a workshop, without attending the full certification)

This segment introduces the special problem of power. What are the determinants of power use and misuse? What makes using power fraught with difficulty, and what phenomena lead to derailment?

The concept and methods underlying Power Intelligence® are introduced, including the seven domains of power behaviors, and how they appear in both positive and problematic ways. A “power audit” for leaders and organizations and the competencies for using power effectively will be introduced.

Module 2. Assessing and Coaching For Power: Administering the Diamond Power Index®

Introducing the Diamond Power Index® assessment. How to assess power-relevant characteristics, and how to coach leaders in each area. Best practices for preparing and administering the assessment to leaders, teams, and their organizations. Description of the assessment process: surveys and components.

Module 3. The Power Profile®: Interpreting Results, Coaching for Development

Understanding assessment scores and interpreting results. What does each scale measure, and what do high and low scores mean? How do scores relate to leadership behaviors, and what do unusual (and problematic) scores look like? Interpreting results and coaching leaders. The art of interpretation, patterns, constellations, and integrating Power Perspective, Personal Power and Developmental Drive. Tailoring development plans to coachable as well as less coachable leaders.

Module 4. Using Power Intelligence® in Your Organization and Coaching Practice

Delivering the Diamond Power Index® and Power Intelligence® training in your business—for internal and external coaches and consultants. Technical and administrative aspects of enrolling people. How to engage organizations around the topic of power. Coaching and training tips for using Power Intelligence® in your organization, and building Power Intelligence® into your business model.

What is Module 1? Why can it be taken separately?

Module 1 is an Introduction to Power Intelligence® for those who want to learn how to work with power in organizations, but may not yet have use for the assessment. It covers the background theory and introduces the seven power behaviors, competencies for their development, and how to coach leaders on each one. It does not include instruction on administering the assessment or interpreting reports, nor does it lead to certification.

If I am enrolled in Module 1, can I change my mind and stay for the whole certification?

Yes. If you attend Module 1 and decide you’d like to stay for the full certification, you can simply pay the difference and continue with that seminar, or attend one later in the year at another location.

What is included in the cost for the certification?
  • Three days of training with the founder and developer of the Diamond Power Index® and Power Intelligence® and Julie Diamond, Ph.D.
  • A limited number of participants to ensure depth of learning and individual attention
  • A copy of Power Intelligence® and Diamond Power Index® guides and technical manuals
  • A copy of Power: A User’s Guide
  • One free assessment to practice interpreting results
  • Once certified, users
    • Can consult with Diamond Leadership for help interpreting reports
    • Can attend any basic certification course, free of charge, to freshen their skills
    • Can access exclusive content and training materials by Diamond Leadership
    • Are eligible for advanced training courses on coaching and training using the Diamond Power Index® and Power Intelligence® system

Participants are responsible for their own travel and lodging.

Does my certification expire?

Certification does not expire provided you complete one of the following: administer the Diamond Power Index® assessment a minimum of fifty times within a 5-year period, or attend an advanced training (retaking the basic certification course not included) offered by Diamond Leadership.

Regardless of when or where your original certification took place, we recommend you visit the Diamond Leadership periodically to see if there are any updates or new materials to enhance your use of the assessment.

What are the limits of certification?

Certification enables you to apply the tool within your organization, and use the materials to educate and engage others on the topic of power. While you are allowed to use the materials and tools in your practice and in your organization to educate and train others, certification does not allow you to certify others in the use of the assessment or tools.

As a certified user, you are responsible for the proper use of the tool and protection of our copyrights and trademarks. Certification does not grant permission to reproduce in any form, modify, or distribute our products for commercial use.

Can I pay for the certification in installments?

Yes. You may pay for certification in 3 installments, with a minimum deposit of 25% of the tuition. Please write to info@diamondleadership.com if you would like to create an installment plan.

Who is this training for?

The coach certification is for executive coaches, HR professionals, organizational consultants, and those whose work is to develop leaders’ capabilities and performance.

Are there prerequisites?

There is no pre-work necessary before attending the course. To become certified, participants have to have some degree of experience in coaching, education, Human Resources, psychology, or related field.

How does this complement other assessments I use? What is the difference between the Diamond Power Index® and other leadership assessments?

While there are numerous 360° leader assessment instruments available, most are general purpose personality tests, or competency-based leadership assessments. None of them focus specifically on the leader’s capacity to use power effectively in organizations.

The Diamond Power Index® is an in-depth assessment of positive and negative leadership behaviors relating to healthy use of personal and position power, as well as power abuse and related phenomena (e.g., incivility, nepotism). The 360° rating tool is complemented by a leader-self assessment on more stable, coaching-relevant traits relating to self-awareness, desire for self-improvement, and coaching readiness.

The Diamond Power Index®

  • Does not merely predict who might eventually derail – it identifies weaknesses and strengths based on actual behaviors and identifies immediate developmental opportunities.
  • Complements and can be used in in conjunction with other 360°s and personality tests.
  • Offers insight into the leader’s impact and effectiveness: how others view and respond to the leader’s use of power.
  • Identifies and works with behaviors that can change. The self-assessment component of the report is a one-of-a-kind assessment on the leader’s capacity for change and readiness for coaching. It thus provides for more effective coaching by focusing assistance when, where, and how it is needed in the leader’s development.
Where are the certification courses held?

Certification seminars are offered throughout the year in a variety of locations. We often hold sessions in a hotel so that participants from out of town may stay there. See Certification Schedule for a schedule of courses and locations.

Where should I stay?

Once you register, you will receive a letter of confirmation with details of the course, including accommodation options. Participants are responsible for booking their own accommodations.

What if I need to cancel?

Tuition is refundable with a cancellation fee, based on when the cancellation happens:

  • 30 business days or more prior to the course: Full refund will be given, less a $50 cancellation fee.
  • 29-5 business days prior to the course: $200 cancellation fee
  • Less than 5 business days from the start of the course: $300 cancellation fee

No refunds are given to participants who do not attend the session without any prior communication.

Does Certification in Power Intelligence® qualify as Continuing Coach Education with the International Coaching Federation (ICF)?

Yes, Certification in Power Intelligence® is fully accredited by the ICF to grant Continuing Coach Education as follows: Core Competencies 6.5 credits, and Resource Development 15.75 credits, for a total of 22.25 credits

Continuing Coach Education

Certification in Power Intelligence® is approved for Continuing Coach Education credits via the International Coach Federation.