Certification in Power Intelligence®

April 24-26 2019, Washington DC | June 5-7 2019, Mumbai | July 4-6 2019, BARCELONA | March 31 - April 2 2020, TORONTO

Coaching Leaders on Using Power Effectively

Learn how to harness personal and positional power to create conscious and sustainable leadership by joining me for a day-and-a-half Introduction to Power Intelligence® or a three-day Certification program.

Introduction to Power Intelligence® presents the framework of Power Intelligence® and methods for applying it to your own or your clients’ leadership. Stay on for another day and a half and become certified in the Diamond Power Index®, a 360 leadership assessment which provides insight into a leader’s impact by evaluating how others experience their use of power.

Whether you want to enhance your own leadership, prepare a leader for the next level, optimize the performance of your leadership team, or ensure that your leaders are creating a healthy and thriving organizational culture, the first step is to sign up for a seminar on Power Intelligence.

These workshops will change the way you understand power!

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Benefits of Certification

Get unlimited support and consultation on interpreting reports.

Get access to special content, advanced training opportunities, and exclusive training materials for using the DPI with your clients.

Attend, free of charge, future certification courses, anywhere in the world, to freshen up your skills and stay current with the latest developments.

Become a member of an exclusive group of early adopters who will help shape the focus and application of the DPI.

Boost your Power IQ and Learn How to Enhance Your Client’s Use of Power

Power Intelligence Certification enables you to…

  • Administer the DPI: assess how effectively your client uses power—personal and positional.
  • Interpret reports
  • Build a tailored coaching or training program for your client’s specific Power Profile®
  • Empower your clients to:
    • Reach their highest potential
    • Inspire their teams and empower others more effectively
    • Influence others up, down, across, and beyond the organization


Who Should Get Certified in Power Intelligence?

Certification is for executive coaches, HR professionals, training & development professions, and organizational consultants—anyone interested in helping to develop and support the leadership capabilities of their clients.

Join others from these great organizations with Power Intelligence certification:

  • US Department of Interior
  • Citrix
  • Fraser Health

Looking for an Overview? Sign Up for the Introduction (Module 1) Only

Interested in Power Intelligence®, but just want an overview? Sign up for a day-and-a-half Introduction to Power Intelligence® to learn the concepts and tools to work effectively with power:

  • Recognize the symptoms of power misuse in your team, organization, or group
  • Identify the factors that lead to derailment in a position of power
  • Learn the core competencies of power behavior
  • Enhance your toolkit with methods for working with power dynamics effectively

For more information, click here, or email Katie Fuller.

Schedule of Events

This training consists of the following modules, delivered over 3 days:

Module 1

Power Intelligence®: An Introduction to Leading with Power

Module 2

Assessing and Coaching For Power: Administering the Diamond Power Index®

Module 3

The Power Profile®: Interpreting Results, Coaching for Development.

Module 4

Using Power Intelligence® in Your Organization and Coaching Practice

Hear From Our Users

“The Diamond Power Index is a unique assessment tool for management development. Leaders have blind spots on how they use their power in the workplace. The comprehensive report detailing the results provides an educational roadmap for not only awareness, but levers to impact successful interactions and relationships.”

Melissa Martin

Director, Global Employee Relations and EEO Compliance, Citrix

“The Diamond Power Index® is a powerful tool which provides change agents and organisations with an accessible way to talk about and work productively with power, traditionally a non-discussable and conflicted area.”  

Liz Skelton, Director

Collaboration for Impact
Co-Author The Australian Leadership Paradox, The Lost Conversations

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You will be taken to a separate registration form that includes participant & payment details