The Diamond Power Index® Leadership Assessment

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If your job is to help leaders improve their performance, it’s vital you understand how their use of power impacts their chance of success.

While power is seldom addressed directly, its effect is felt everywhere. How leaders use power has a massive impact on employee productivity, talent retention, and the leader’s own career.

The Diamond Power Index® is multi-rater leadership assessment which helps organizations optimize their leadership portfolio by measuring how effectively leaders use power—personal and positional—to achieve results, empower the people around them, and influence others up, down, across, and outside their organization.

The DPI targets critical opportunities and vulnerabilities related to the way their leaders use or misuse power, and through its comprehensive coaching and development report, provides personalized suggestions and pathways for improvement.

Components of the Diamond Power Index®:

  • Power Behavior, through a 360° assessment (completed by managers, peers, subordinates, and other stakeholders) that profiles a leader’s effectiveness along the critical dimensions of power and authority.
  • Personal Power, a leader’s own sense of power and capacity to impact the world.
  • Developmental Drive, characteristics and capacities that support or hinder the process of personal and leadership development.

The following reports are available:

  • Power Profile®, a report identifying strengths and areas of opportunity related to the leader’s use of power.
  • Power Profile® Coaching Report, which includes a coaching plan and integrates the insights from the self-assessment report to create a unique developmental program for each leader.
  • Organizational Power Profile®, a team- or organization-wide report that interprets overall strengths and opportunities, and targets interventions for development.

What Do Power Problems Look Like?

Do you see some of these common power problems in your organizations, teams, and clients?

  • Disengagement: Micromanagement and other disempowering behaviors lead to resignation, apathy, and disengagement. Leaders who use personal power well create more engaged teams, with higher levels of commitment, follow-through, and creativity.
  • Difficulty influencing without authority: When leaders have only one kind of power at their disposal, such as their positional authority or expertise, they aren’t able to influence up, down, across, and outside the organization. Getting work done in today’s organizations increasingly requires a fluid and contextually independent power to influence stakeholders across and outside the organization.
  • Avoiding conflict and difficult conversations: Underuse of power is as harmful as overuse. Timid leaders fail to confront problems, keep meetings on track, set deadlines, and hold people accountable. Personal power is essential for getting results, whether it’s to develop people, hold tough conversations, or swim against the current when necessary.

Uses for the Diamond Power Index®:

  • Accelerate leader development
  • Develop high potentials
  • Manage transitions and succeed at the next level of leadership
  • Take the pulse of your effectiveness

Why Another 360° Assessment?

The Diamond Power Index® is more than a personality or competency test.

  • It is an in-depth assessment of positive and negative leadership behaviors:
    • Assesses healthy use of personal and positional power,
    • Identifies power misuse and related phenomena, such as incivility or discrimination.
  • The 360° rating tool is complemented by the leader’s self assessment on more stable, coaching-relevant traits relating to:
    • self-awareness
    • self-efficacy
    • resilience
    • desire for self-improvement, and
    • receptiveness to feedback
  • The DPI does not merely predict who might eventually derail—it
    • Measures the leader’s impact and effectiveness: how others view and respond to the leader’s use of power.
    • identifies weaknesses and strengths based on actual behaviors, and
    • pinpoints immediate developmental opportunities.
  • The DPI complements and can be used in conjunction with other 360s and personality tests.
  • The DPI identifies and works with behaviors that can change. The self-assessment component, developmental drive, is a one-of-a-kind insight into the leader’s capacity for change and readiness for coaching. It thus helps identify where and how coaching and development can be most effective.

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