The 7 Scales of Power

Learn the 7 key behaviors related to a leader's healthy use of power.
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The 7 Leadership Behaviors for Using Power Effectively

This 7-week email course will introduce you to the 7 key behaviors for using power effectively. Grounded in my research over the last 10 years on the healthy and effective use of power, these key leadership behaviors form the basis of the Diamond Power Index® assessment, used by thousands of leaders around the globe.

Each email introduces one of the behaviors, showing what it is, why it matters, how it plays out, and the concrete steps leaders—or anyone—can take to improve this critical behavior.

  • Week 1: Are you approachable?
  • Week 2: How do you make people feel?
  • Week 3: Are you creating leaders or followers?
  • Week 4: You can’t wish away your power.
  • Week 5: How can you check your bias?
  • Week 6: You’re on stage, whether you like it or not.
  • Week 7: Who does your power serve?

If you’re a leader, or you support leaders in your work, you’ll want to sign up for this free once-weekly email course to learn how to use power to foster healthy and inclusive organizational cultures.

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