Finding Your Powerprint

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Expand Your Base of Power

Being powerful comes from more than just occupying a high-power position, having expertise, or possessing status or wealth. True power rests on a broad base of powers—personal as well as positional—which are available for you to draw upon, no matter what challenge you face.

The broader your base of power, the more varied your powers. And this is a good thing: when your power rests on just one element, such as your position, expertise, relationship ability, or emotional persuasion, the more dependent you become on it. But your one power is not effective in every situation, making you vulnerable to situational factors that reduce your capacity to influence and be effective.

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Key Lessons of Finding Your Powerprint Worksheet

Identify Your Base of Power

Start growing your base of of power by identifying power from different sources: personality, life experiences, knowledge, social status, well-being, relationships, and more.


Identity your Liabilities

Know your gaps–identify potential liabilities–areas in which you lack of power—so you can take measures to shore them up.

Find your Unique Powerprint

Summarize your core strengths and opportunities, and discover new powers and advantages you may not have realized.

“As a consultant and coach, I find the Diamond Power Index® to be a key tool for unlocking the ‘black box’ that is the effective use of power in organizations. It makes the invisible visible, and is a powerful accelerator of leadership development.”

Miguel Vasquez

Director and Consultant,

“The Diamond Power Index® is a powerful lever to unlock the dynamics of groups and collaborations.  The tool provides organisations with an accessible way to talk about and work productively with power, traditionally a non-discussable and conflicted area.”  

Liz Skelton, Director

Collaboration for Impact
Co-Author The Australian Leadership Paradox, The Lost Conversations