The Use of Power is a Vital Concern in Our World Today.

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The use of power can foster engagement or shut it down; create cultures of inclusion or exclusion; lead to greater engagement and innovation, or to disengagement and dysfunction.

This 3-day virtual event is a forum to bring greater awareness to the topic of power, and for leaders and development professionals build the awareness and skills required for the healthy and effective use of power.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn more about fostering the intelligent and effective use of power in today’s organization.

Thanks to our partnership with Howspace, the conference will be hosted on a web-based engagement platform that allows for networking and collaboration with presenters and attendees before, during, and after the conference.

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What Will You Take Away
From the Conference?

1. A deeper understanding of Power Intelligence®, methods for using power well in politics, corporations, community organizations, and in society more broadly.

2. The why and how of power misuse—intentional and unintentional—and ways to avoid and manage the misuse of power.

3. Methods for facilitating productive discussions about power, in your teams, inside your organizations, and with your clients.

4. Examples of how Power Intelligence® is being used across a diverse range of applications.

5. Contact with leaders and practitioners across the globe interested in learning about, teaching, and practicing the conscious and effective use of power.

The Conference Tracks Will Be Delivered on Consecutive Days So Participants Can Attend
All Sessions.

TRACK 1: The contemporary case for leaders’ using power well

We’re at a paradoxical moment: the world is becoming increasingly authoritarian, yet power is more distributed than ever before.

This track will explore the many ways power is used in the political, corporate, and community realms. Speakers from around the world and in different sectors will share their knowledge and experience about using power for good and how to manage its misuse.

TRACK 2: Power in Play: Power Intelligence® in Today’s Organizations: Case studies, solutions, and research.

What are the practical methods for improving how leaders and teams use their power? This track is a forum for practitioners to share, through examples, case studies, and research, how they are using the tools of Power Intelligence to help their clients improve their use of power.

TRACK 3: Embedding the learning. Beyond the assessment.

This track is for certified Diamond Power Index® (DPI) coaches. It focuses on how to secure real and lasting change using the DPI. Practitioners will share how they are translating learning into action and effecting system/ culture change through their use of the DPI.

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