Leading Through the Lens of Power Webinar

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Power doesn’t just change you, it changes the people around you.

As a leader, people don’t just see you; they see your power. And power all too often silences people, depriving the leader of vital information, insights, and critical feedback needed to achieve results. Learn how to recognize the impact of your power, get the best from the people you lead, and grow the leadership, accountability, and ownership throughout your organization. 

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Key Lessons of This Webinar

Know Your Impact

Are you making the right kind of impact on the people you lead? The problem is, from a position of power, it’s hard to get an accurate read on how others experience your actions. Learn how to bridge the gap between impact and perception to gain greater—and legitimate—organizational influence.

Get the Best from the People You Lead

What do leaders do that encourages people to bring their best thinking to the table? Discover tools for harnessing your personal power to create dynamic and thriving workplace cultures.

Lead to Create Leaders

Great leaders create more leaders. Learn how to use power to grow people’s leadership, to foster accountability, and inspire ownership throughout your organization.

“As a consultant and coach, I find this work to be a key for unlocking the “black box” that is the effective use of power in organizations. It makes the invisible visible, and is a powerful accelerator of leadership development.

Miguel Vasquez, Director and Consultant


“Julie Diamond’s work with power has added a powerful new dimension to the development support we can offer to our leaders – administrative and medical. The Diamond Power Index® delivers leaders a clear snapshot of how others experience their exercise of power, supporting them to examine and address how their use of power impacts their role effectiveness. For individuals and teams who are serious about leading well, this is an essential learning tool.”  

Sheelagh Davis, Leadership & Organizational Consult

Fraser Health
Victoria, BC

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