Viktoria Saat

Expert Overview

Viktoria is a psychologist, leadership coach and international trainer with more than 25 years of experience working with individuals and teams in public and private sectors.

Viktoria’s open minded, honest approach and in-depth expertise support sustainable change not only in achieving measurable goals, but also in building inner strength and developing accessible inner tools for future challenges. Viktoria’s background in depth psychology combines with an interest in behavioral neuroscience and its application to leadership, power dynamics, and change as well as research in quantum physics in connection to psychology and communication theory.

Viktoria is a founding partner and faculty member of ISCI - International Supervision and Coaching Institute providing training programs for professional supervisors and coaches as well as programs focusing on developing coaching skills for leaders.

Some key areas: conscious (self)leadership, effective use of power, high-performing individuals/teams, sustainable change and conflict resolution, growth mindset culture, psychological safety, diversity, effective feedback, agility, mental health and well-being.