Ute Franzen-Waschke, MA (WBIS), PCC.

Expert Overview

Ute holds a master’s degree in Coaching and International Business Communication (WBIS). She works with individuals and teams on communication processes, relationship building and co-creating work environments for individuals and teams to thrive. Work environments, in which each team member gains awareness and clarity around their responsibilities and the powers they hold, also enabling the use of power as an asset rather than a suit of armor. Ute’s clients span the automotive & insurance industries as well as the public sector, and start-ups. Ute also provides training for coaches in different coach certification programs, is a mentor listed in the ICF Mentor Coach Directory, and is both certified in the Diamond Power Index® as well as in the Diamond Power Audit™ Culture Survey. Before Ute started her own business, she worked in multinationals in various roles for more than 15 years. Areas of Expertise: Coaching across hierarchies, Virtual & f2f Facilitation, Workshop & Program Design