Sylvia Ondrisova

Expert Overview

I work as a psychotherapist, coach and lecturer in private practice in Bratislava. As a lecturer and facilitator, I mainly focus on the issues of leadership, (em)power(ment), personal/team development and conflict resolution. My aim is to support awareness and change on both levels: attitudes and skills. In the last few years I've been very very interested in the topic of effective use of power. I trust that the way we use power has a crucial influence on our effectiveness in leadership role and in life in general. I bring the issue of power to managers, young leaders, teachers, medical doctors and politicians. I also work as a psychotherapist and a coach in my private practice with the focus on personal development, authenticity and wholeness. I live in Bratislava with my family and love the mountains and horse riding. Areas of Professional Focus: personal development, leadership, power intelligence, empowerment, facilitation, conflict resolution, inclusion, diversity, team development, stress and time management, carrier navigation – job crafting.;