Sally Wiencke

Expert Overview

Sally Wiencke is a PCC accredited coach with the International Coaching Federation, Power Intelligence®, Certified Narrative Coach™ EMERGE®, and Cinergy® conflict coach and nationally accredited mediator with advanced status. She has over 25 years of enabling transformational change in individuals, small groups and organizations. Sally has worked extensively with emerging or established leaders to help them gain critical awareness of what they may not be paying attention to, to what is true, what is possible, what will work, and what is required to sustain positive change. She helps leaders to understand how they are using their power and rank within the role, and how they may be, often without awareness, misusing their rank or power. In supporting their growth in vitally needed new directions, Sally’s coaching services are highly prized. Her approach may include a cognitive, neuro-scientific, Process Work-orientated (based on the work of Dr Arnold Mindell), or mindfulness perspective.