Nadine Wolf

Expert Overview

Nadine is dedicated to letting individuals in organizations become more aware of their strengths, and power – because effective self-leadership is the key to leadership which will make a difference in organizations and in life in general. She has a Business Administration Diploma and has worked in different companies and roles. Her own self-leadership journey included agile training at an agile consulting firm, coaching training (IOBC Certification) and accreditation as Kanban trainer and coach (AKT/AKC). Since 2016, she has been involved with The Responsibility Process®, she is a Leadership Gift Coach and trainer in Christopher Avery's international Coaching Program. Becoming DPI coach has been a valuable addition to support professionals in using their personal power more effectively. Her goal is to show her clients the way to their own individual approach to power and leadership. Nadine is founder and CEO of Selbstführung.