Liz Skelton

Expert Overview

Committed to developing leadership for a more equitable and inclusive world. Liz Skelton is renowned globally for her work and expertise in Australia and the UK as a leader, thought-leader, capacity builder, consultant, author, and facilitator of leadership for social and adaptive system change. She is also Cofounder and Director of Collaboration for Impact, (CFI) Australia’s leading network for building capacity in collaboration for systemic change. Previously, Liz was Principal Consultant with Social Leadership Australia (SLA) developing leadership with Australia’s leaders in corporate, government, community sectors. Liz has consulted, published and presented on the complexity of social change and the complex social issues experienced by marginalized groups in Australia and internationally. She has co-authored 2 books: The Australian Leadership Paradox: What it takes to lead in the Lucky Country published by Allen & Unwin and Lost Conversations: Finding new ways for black and white Australians to lead together. Areas of specialty: Systemic change. Collaboration across race and power to influence racial equity. She has led the development of an innovative capacity building platform Deep Collaboration currently being developed by CFI. Capacity building and coaching in Adaptive & systemic leadership; social change and complex challenges; working with the power and conflict dynamics in collaborations.