Julia Wolfson, Ph.D.

Julia specializes in the transformation of residential care and education services, often prompted by systems failures and abuse. Her experience in the global north and south in local communities, NGOs and government organizations spans 40 years. Julia accompanies leaders to re-orient purpose, people, power and systems to the unique aspirations of people receiving services and those they depend on. She coaches leaders and managers to connect with their learning passion and go down to the ground to inspire and upskill front-line practitioners as attuned enablers. Lessons as a front-line worker, in leadership roles, as coach, trainer, facilitator and consultant, resulted in her book “Applying Deep Democracy in Human Services: Diversity, Inclusion and Innate Powers.” She draws on her doctoral research, Diamond Leadership, and her studies with the global leadership Deep Democracy Institute where she is also a team member, to illuminate the stories. Julia coaches worldwide. Website: Turning Forward http://turningforward.org; Email: julia@turningforward.org; YouTube: #frontlinehumans