Jan Dworkin

Jan Dworkin, PhD is an executive and team coach who has worked with individuals and organizations across the globe for over 30 years. She has a special passion for helping leaders cultivate the self-awareness and skills necessary for sustained behavioral change.

Jan is a co-founder of 361ArtWorks, a unique facilitation company that uses awareness methods and the Arts to support team and organizational development. This original methodology extracts the wisdom and creativity within underlying conflict, failure, and miscommunication, leading to breakthrough solutions for leaders and their teams.

Jan began her career as a psychologist and is a co-creator of Process Work, an innovative approach to individual and collective change. She brings a deep multi-cultural understanding of human nature to her work with clients across industries, from tech start-ups to world-class creative agencies, to academia to Fortune 1000 companies. She provides her clients with clear, actionable feedback. Her style is very direct.