Irena Konečna

Expert Overview

Irena is an organizational psychologist who helps organizations to move forward through working with culture and team dynamics. She uses coaching, facilitation, and consulting and combines applied psychology tools with her experience in business environment. Her goal is to help leaders acknowledge their impact and compare it with their intention which is a challenging but effective process. Irena has more than 15 years of experience working as a coach, consultant, trainer and a leader for higher education institutions and major corporations. She understands the challenges leaders face when they steer the companies though major changes such as merges, agile transformations or when they focus on enhancing healthy culture promoting engagement, empowerment or trust. Irena works with leadership teams, helps them to understand the reality of their current organizational culture, align on goals and priorities and plan the steps to move forward. She enjoys to be a part of long term change determining when to leverage strengths and mitigate weaknesses of the company. In the whole process Irena focuses on supporting cooperation within the teams as she believes the learning through the cooperation with others is the best way how to move forward together. Professional Experience: Executive Coach, Corporate Trainer, Family Business Consultant, College of Applied Psychology/ pro-rector, Assessment Systems Senior Consultant, Client Experience: Professional services, manufacturing, education and non-profit sectors, pharmaceutical, retail, distributing, healthcare, real estate. Areas of specialty: company culture, team work and cooperarion, leadership, power intelligence.