Delfino Corti

Expert Overview

My heartfelt purpose is to hold space self, others and "the whole” to create generative impact and less pain in the world.

This could unfold by embodying practices to widen perceptions, expand perspectives, harvest generative discoveries out of the situation and context people are living, allowing the intention to unfold into evolutional wellbeing.

A couple of decades of management experience in international and multicultural contexts offer me the opportunity to learn the sense of respect and curiosity towards any individual and culture, which I blend with a set of fresh skills and practices of group facilitation and coaching.

I consider myself a perpetual beginner: as such, I make a lot of mistakes and discoveries and I love the experience of learning.

I offer myself to others through mindfulness and embodiment practices to support in being present to own context and discover creative options.

Community and Mystery are my strongest supporters.