Christina Sestan

Expert Overview

Christina is an ambitious, energetic, and deeply caring coach, facilitator, and speaker with almost twenty years of organizational development experience, focusing on leadership in a variety of organizational settings including healthcare, municipal government and academia. Christina has spent hundreds of hours coaching managers, senior leaders and frontline leaders through a variety of challenges. She has facilitated numerous team coaching sessions and workshops encompassing a wide variety of leadership development topics. Christina is dedicated to helping groups and individuals unravel the barriers to greater success. Christina is a dedicated practitioner of what she teaches, continually striving to grow and develop in her own life while leveraging these self-discoveries in her work. Every experience has played a key role in preparing her for coaching and developing leaders. It is the place where her experience, skills and talents, hopes and passions come together. Christina works with English speaking organizations and clients from all over the globe while making her home in Vancouver Canada.