Power Intelligence® Certification and Training

Boost your Power IQ and Learn How to Enhance Your Clients’ Use of Power

As an external or internal coach, consultant, independent trainer or HR Professional, your job is to grow talent and enhance leadership potential. Power Intelligence® Certification enables you to…

  • Administer the DPI: assess how effectively your client uses power—personal and positional.
  • Interpret reports
  • Build a tailored coaching or training program for your client’s specific Power Profile®
  • Empower your clients to
    • reach their highest potential
    • inspire their teams and empower others more effectively,
    • influence others up, down, across, and beyond the organization.

Benefits of Certification:

  • Access to free consultation to interpret reports
  • Admission into advanced training in Power Intelligence® and uses of the DPI
  • Attendance at any basic certification to freshen up your skills, free of charge.
  • Membership in a group of early adopters who will help shape the focus and application of the DPI.

Continuing Coach Education

Certification in Power Intelligence® is approved for Continuing Coach Education credits via the International Coach Federation.

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Who Should Get Certified in Power Intelligence®?

Certification is for executive coaches, human resources professionals, organizational consultants, as well as managers and leaders—anyone interested in facilitating leadership performance.

Schedule of 2018-2019 Certification Seminars

November 28-30, Melbourne, Australia
April 2-4, 2019, Toronto, Ontario

Dates subject to change


Schedule of 2018 Advanced Trainings

Advanced Interpretation
September 26, Webinar

Group and Organizational Assessments
August 28, Webinar
December 11, Webinar


*Prerequisite: Prior attendance at Certification in Power Intelligence® course

Email for more information.

We can travel to you, too. If your group is large enough, we will provide certification and training at your organization. Contact us today and let us know your needs.

Outline of Modules

The training consists of the following four modules, delivered over 3 days.

Module 1 – Power Intelligence®: An Introduction to Leading with Power
(can be taken as a standalone seminar, without certification).

This module introduces the concept and methods underlying Power Intelligence®.

  • The special problem of power
  • What are the determinants of power use and misuse?
  • What phenomena lead to derailment?
  • The psychological characteristics underlying power use and the competencies for using power effectively.
  • Coaching and development methods for working with power

Module 2 – Assessing and Coaching For Power: Administering the Diamond Power Index®

This module will teach you how to assess power-relevant characteristics and how to coach leaders in each area.

  • Administering the Diamond Power Index® assessment
  • Best practices for preparing and administering the assessment to leaders, teams, and their organizations.
  • Using the assessment components: Power Perspective, Personal Power, and Developmental Drive.

Module 3 – The Power Profile®: Interpreting Results, Coaching for Development.

This module provides an overview of the different reports, how to interpret them, and creating plans for development.

  • Understand assessment scores and interpret results.
  • What does each scale measure, and what do high and low scores mean?
  • How do scores relate to leadership behaviors, and what do unusual (and problematic) scores look like?
  • The art of interpretation: integrating the 360° results with Personal Power scores, and the Developmental Drive
  • Create development plans for coachable as well as less coachable leaders.

Module 4 – Using Power Intelligence® in Your Organization and Coaching Practice

This module covers technical and administrative aspects of enrolling others.

  • Integrate the Diamond Power Index® and Power Intelligence® training in your business
  • Learn how to engage organizations around the topic of power
  • Coaching and training tips for using Power Intelligence® in your organization.

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