Why Power is Hard to Get Right

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Power Is a Game Changer

Power is seldom addressed directly, yet its effect is felt everywhere. Power has a massive impact on morale, engagement, and retention: how people are treated by their manager translates directly into their degree of engagement or disengagement.

While using power well may come naturally for some leaders, most need to learn how to exert authority and use personal power in the right way, at the right time, and for the right reason. This white paper outlines the psychological influences of occupying a high power role. How does power affect your thinking, behavior, and attitude? And most importantly, what is the key competency you need to use your power effectively, in the service of your organization, team, or clients?

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Key Lessons of This White Paper

The Psychological Impact of Power

What does power do to the brain? And why does it so often lead to corruption?

The Social Web of Power

Power doesn’t just change us, it changes how people act towards us, including the information and feedback they’re willing to share. 

Using Power Well

What does it take to use power in positive and effective ways? How do we develop immunity from the corrupting influences of power?

“The Diamond Power Index® is a unique assessment tool for management development. Leaders have blind spots on how they use their power in the workplace. The comprehensive report detailing the results provides an educational roadmap for not only awareness, but levers to impact successful interactions and relationships.”

Melissa Martin

Director, Global Employee Relations and EEO Compliance, Citrix

“The Diamond Power Index® is a powerful lever to unlock the dynamics of groups and collaborations.  The tool provides organisations with an accessible way to talk about and work productively with power, traditionally a non-discussable and conflicted area.”  

Liz Skelton, Director

Collaboration for Impact
Co-Author The Australian Leadership Paradox, The Lost Conversations