Power Intelligence:

Insights on Power and Leadership

The Psychology of Power

Look around. Depending on your perspective, the world is either struggling for freedom or fighting against it. Internationally, we are witnessing populist movements rise up against the global elite, entrenched political establishments being overturned by grassroots activists, and a resurgence in authoritarianism and nationalism.

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Case Studies: facts and fiction of power

Power dynamics, though intangible, are not invisible. We all can sense power struggles in our teams. We’re savvy enough to notice the ups and downs of those above us, whose star is momentarily rising and whose is suddenly eclipsed. And we all know, even if we can’t pinpoint exactly how, when our managers and co-workers are using their authority fairly and effectively.

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Insiders Vs. Outsiders: Why the Open Door Isn’t

Several years ago I coached a leader and her team. They had hired two new team members and thought everything was going well. The new hires had great skills and good attitudes; they were easy to get along with, and seemed to gel with the organizational culture. Yet,...

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The shadow side of organizational culture

Last year Silicon Valley venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins successfully defended itself against a discrimination lawsuit filed by former partner Ellen Pao by embracing a defense rooted in “culture fit.” It’s open to discussion what “organizational fit” or...

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