Live Q&A: Power intelligence® and Diamond Power Index® Certification

An informative conversation and chance to have your questions answered

A Conversation About Power Intelligence® and the Diamond Power Index®

Tuesday, December 22 12:00 PM PST

Have you been wondering if certification in Power Intelligence® is right for you? Have you been considering multi-rater leadership assessments for your organization? Do you want to learn more about how the Diamond Power Index® multi-rater leadership assessment measures the impact of power use, translates results, and provides an actionable path to improvement customized to those results? 

Join me for a live, informative conversation about becoming certified to use the Diamond Power Index® and the framework behind its methodology, Power Intelligence®

You’ll learn the unique value of the assessment and certification, find out how others are using Power Intelligence® to develop exceptional leaders, and have the opportunity to get your specific questions answered.

Dec. 22, 2020 12 pm PST

“The Diamond Power Index® is a unique assessment tool for management development. Leaders have blind spots on how they use their power in the workplace. The comprehensive report detailing the results provides an educational roadmap for not only awareness, but levers to impact successful interactions and relationships.”

Melissa Martin, Director, Global Employee Relations and EEO Compliance


“I’ve used many tools over my 20 years of consulting. The Diamond Power Index® stands apart from the rest. Because it combines feedback from others with self-assessment on Personal Power metrics, it opens the door to entirely new coaching conversations. As a coach, that’s exactly what I want. I recently finished a feedback debrief session with a client who said “I think this may have been one of the most important conversations in my life so far.”  

Dr. Paul Donovan, Director

The Change Company