Power Intelligence® Training

Toronto, Ontario, Canada
March 31 – April 1, 2020

Great Leaders Create Great Cultures

Do you know

  • how your actions affect the performance of others?
  • If you’re getting honest feedback?
  • If the people around you able to bring their very best thinking to the table?

Understanding how your power influences the performance of others and culture at large is critically important for leading effectively.

Power Intelligence Training helps leaders address the central challenges they face when it comes to using power effectively:

  • Understanding how power operates on individuals, teams, and organizations, in both beneficial and destructive ways
  • Identifying the blind spot of power—the psychological and social effects of a high-power role that decreases the engagement of others, distorts the leader’s  perception, and reduces the amount of accurate feedback the leader receives.
  • Detecting the signs and symptoms of power issues that can undermine organizational culture and effectiveness
  • Knowing how to use power to create the psychologically safe atmosphere that fosters creativity

Power Intelligence programs will teach you to:

  • Identify and cultivate your personal power to lead, coach, and empower others
  • Spot the most common power “traps” and how to navigate them successfully
  • Maximize the talent and engagement of others using the core competencies of Power Intelligence®
  • Align your personal power with your positional power to influence effectively across the organization
  • Create psychological safety and make sure you are getting the feedback and information you need



Before April 13: $700
After April 12: $900