Why Power?

Power is Only Powerful
When We Feel Powerful.

Power is puzzling.

Have you ever wondered why you feel empowered in some situations, but disempowered and unable to contribute the way you want in others?

People planning

People in powerful roles can also sometimes feel powerless. Parents feel powerless in the face of screaming toddlers. Teachers struggle to control unruly students. Even CEOs fail to get their leadership teams to work together.

Why is it that even when we do have power we often don’t feel we have enough to be effective?

Because power is only powerful when we feel it.

No matter the setting, power is difficult to hold onto and difficult to use correctly. No matter what our positional power—status, role, wealth, or even size—it’s our inner sense of personal power that matters most when it comes to using power well.

Your greatest power lies within. All you need to do is unleash it. Our programs and leadership tools help leaders visualize their relationship to power and provide an actionable program to help align personal and positional power in order to develop the Power Intelligence® required to lead effectively.

Begin your empowerment journey.

What’s Your Powerprint?

Are you familiar with your own mix of inner powers, your power traits? What powers do you possess to impact the world around you? While power is often described in terms of either/or—you either have it or you don’t—power is actually based on a complex system of different elements such as personality, life experiences, social status, and position.

Your Powerprint is an intricate and completely individual mix of life experiences, status, traits, and abilities that enable you to influence others and impact the world around you.