Outline of Modules

Power Intelligence® Certification and Training

The training consists of the following four modules, delivered over 3 days.

Module 1 – Power Intelligence®: An Introduction to Leading with Power
(can be taken as a standalone workshop, without certification).

This module introduces the concept and methods underlying Power Intelligence®.

  • The special problem of power
  • What are the determinants of power use and misuse?
  • What phenomena lead to derailment?
  • The psychological characteristics underlying power use and the competencies for using power effectively.
  • Coaching and development methods for working with power

Module 2 – Assessing and Coaching For Power: Administering the Diamond Power Index®

This module will teach you how to assess power-relevant characteristics and how to coach leaders in each area.

  • Administering the Diamond Power Index® assessment
  • Best practices for preparing and administering the assessment to leaders, teams, and their organizations.
  • Using the assessment components: Power Perspective, Personal Power, and Developmental Drive.

Module 3 – The Power Profile®: Interpreting Results, Coaching for Development.

This module provides an overview of the different reports, how to interpret them, and creating plans for development.

  • Understand assessment scores and interpret results.
  • What does each scale measure, and what do high and low scores mean?
  • How do scores relate to leadership behaviors, and what do unusual (and problematic) scores look like?
  • The art of interpretation: integrating the 360° results with Personal Power scores, and the Developmental Drive
  • Create development plans for coachable as well as less coachable leaders.

Module 4 – Using Power Intelligence® in Your Organization and Coaching Practice

This module covers technical and administrative aspects of enrolling others.

  • Integrate the Diamond Power Index® and Power Intelligence® training in your business
  • Learn how to engage organizations around the topic of power
  • Coaching and training tips for using Power Intelligence® in your organization.