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Diamond Leadership’s global certification programs give you the tools and knowledge you need to develop the leaders you support.

Whether you want to prepare a leader for the next level, develop your high-performers, optimize the performance of your leadership team, or ensure that your leaders are creating a healthy and thriving team culture, the first step is to become certified in the Diamond Power Index® (DPI).

Our certification program will not only provide you with the technical knowledge to use the Diamond Power Index®, it will also change the way you understand power—not only your clients’ but also your own.

“I’ve used many tools over my 20 years of consulting. The Diamond Power Index stands apart from the rest. Because it combines feedback from others across 7 unique power competencies with self-assessment on Personal Power metrics, it opens the door to entirely new coaching conversations. As a coach, that’s exactly what I want. ”


Executive Coach, Sydney, Australia

Become certified in the Diamond Power Index®

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As an external or internal coach, consultant, or HR professional, your job is to grow talent and enhance leadership potential. Power Intelligence® Certification enables you to:

  • Administer the DPI to assess how effectively your client uses personal and positional power to achieve results and create the impact they intend.
  • Build a tailored coaching or training program to apply the insights of your client’s Power Profile®.
  • Empower your clients to reach their highest potential

Benefits of Certification

  • Unlimited support and consultation for using the DPI
  • Access to exclusive content, advanced training opportunities, and instructional materials to use with your clients
  • Free admission to future certification courses to brush up your skills and stay current with the latest developments
  • Membership in an exclusive group of Power Intelligence® coaches who are promoting the effective use of power in the workplace



My warm recommendations of this course with regard to raising my awareness on how I use my power and develop my leadership, clarifying many myths, encouraging me to interact with managers and colleges on the everyday issues and questions and feedback as a human being. Feeling it was so beautiful and surprising and that it has raised my IQ in understanding the other person’s perspective and in following my vision about change in our work with traumatized children by addressing the different levels in my organization.


Julie is truly the thought leader in Power Intelligence . At the heart of Diamond Intelligence is their validated profile which nails peoples use of power and their blind spots


Julie takes a deep dive into how power is used in organisations. The Diamond Power Index (DPI) is a unique and breakthrough 360 degree feedback instrument. I am a Master Coach and have been coaching in organisations for over 30 years and the DPI is the most powerful I have come across in terms of changing leadership behaviour and culture. The workbooks are a valuable resource and the step by step coaching guide is very useful, particularly when learning the instrument. Julie is a fabulous teacher who really knows her stuff. Even if you don’t intend to use the instrument, the training is valuable on its own.


This course is wonderful! It supports you in polishing your leadership skills and abilities, teaches you about the use of power depending on the context, supports in recognizing shifts and dynamics associated with power and rank, and in leading effectively in a complex world of human interactions.

Mila Gaca

Julie is wonderful–in the course she combines teaching her rigorously developed model with an accessible style, always listening and encouraging. I thoroughly recommend this course and look forward to using the assessment with my clients.


This body of work is impressive and worth learning for coaches who work with people in powerful positions–or those who seek them. I wish I’d been able to take the course in person but in a COVID world I did the on-line version. The materials are set up well but there are a ton to read and absorb, so it’s tough for a busy professional to do the volume of work needed to make the best use of it. Still I’m happy I did it and plan to keep studying.


The timing and content of the course couldn’t be better given the social, economic and political times we are in as a collective. It was an incredible learning and execution experience and a very relevant, timeless tool to have. I am still blown away by Julie’s teachings and embodiment of the subject. Given that it was online, I do wish I had more interactional time with fellow participants on the subject as I feel that’s my personal way of learning and integrating . Especially on this very complex and juicy topic. Otherwise fantastic!


This course is not just about how powerful one is, it lifts the veil on aspects of power not easily seen for ourselves. For example, I learned new perspectives on how our employees, bosses, peers, and others may see, react to, and accommodate their actions in response to one’s power. I consider the insights and knowledge I gained from this course as invaluable to myself and my clients.


The certification course was very insightful and inspiring. For me personally – and even more so – professionally as a coach and consultant. Having the Diamond Power Index in my toolbox is knowing about and being able to walk a powerful pathway to having an impact in supporting leaders and organizations to building an innovative and inclusive work environment.


I tool the Diamond Index class in April 2019 and I am happy I did. It opened my eyes to power and the aspects of power that we don’t see or we overlook. This added a complete and practical new component to the way Leadership is handled in the Agency within management and upper management. The Diamond Index Tool makes it so easy to bring issues to the forefront and deal with them in a non-confrontational manner.


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