Training in the Diamond Power Audit™ Culture Survey

Learn to use the Diamond Power Audit

This 45-minute webinar will introduce you to the basics of the new culture survey, the Diamond Power Audit™.

The DPA is an employee-wide survey that assesses how well power is used in the organization—by managers and coworkers alike. The dimensions that the DPA assesses parallel the DPIs. This not only provides insights into employees’ experiences of workplace culture, and pinpoints specific behaviors that can be improved, but also sheds light onto leaders’ impact on the culture. When paired with the DPI, it can be a powerful tool for strengthening workplace culture, as well as a diagnostic tool for leader effectiveness.


This webinar will cover: 

  • What is the DPA and what does it offer my clients? 
  • What’s unique about it? How does it differ from other culture surveys?
  • What situations is it suited for?
  • What specifically does it measure? 
  • What do the results show? 
  • How do I use it to gain insight into diverse employee experience, e.g., different demographic groups, different teams, business units, or geographical location?
  • How do I administer it? 
  • How many participants are needed for valid results? 
  • Applying the DPA for special purposes: Inclusion, executive team coaching, engagement, and more.
  • What does it cost?