Suzanne Fox

Expert Overview

Suzanne is your architect for growth through courageous conversation. She is a highly credentialed coach with a unique ability to empower positive change through honest and insightful dialogue. As a Trauma-Informed Professional Certified Coach and facilitator, she possesses a deep understanding of human dynamics and the power of effective communication.

Suzanne guides leaders and teams through courageous conversations, navigating uncertainty, achieving work-life balance, by fostering collaboration and inspiration to achieve exceptional results. Her approach is a powerful blend of practicality, creativity, and compassion. She creates a safe space for clients to push beyond their comfort zones and embrace new perspectives.

Suzanne's background in senior corporate leadership roles provides her with invaluable insights into leadership challenges, team dynamics, and navigating change initiatives. She is driven by her passion, optimism, and belief that has humans we are capable of disrupting the status quo and influence our environments for good.

Areas of Specialty

Client type:

  • All leaders with a definite focus on senior roles
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Government
  • Non-profit


  • Resilience
  • Communication
  • Political savvy (power, influence)

Language: English