Sara Huang

Expert Overview

I am an independent strategic and creative wayfinder who specializes in team-leadership. By sourcing and utilizing the wisdom of the crowd. By asking questions to bring awareness and hold space for greater things to emerge. As an enabler I serve by paying attention to the interdependence between human beings, with respect to the unique gift each of us brings to the whole. I focus on building agility and resilience with and through people. My greatest joy is to support powerwise leaders who are keen to develop and serve powerful teams. Leaders who see the limitations of “power over”, and are committed to create more “power to” & “power within”. Areas of specialty: Public sector, governance, unleashing the power of play within the public sector, conflict transformation. I have over a decade of experience working with different kinds of inclusive and participatory processes, both on policy, non- profit and grassroots level. As Taiwan is a small island, I am naturally tuned in to focus on the relational maps between people. Which helps me in my role as a coach in Power Intelligence and a facilitator/trainer in intercultural dialogues, conflict transformation and multi-stakeholder engagement processes.