Lucy Shenouda

Lucy’s enduring passion is exploring the human condition. She strives to dive deep into the mysteries of the human experience towards cultivating best thinking, creativity and resilience. As a global citizen, Lucy has lived and worked across three continents. Over a 25-year career, she supported Fortune 500 / Global 500 leaders with branding and marketing expertise. In ‘Act II’ as a Professional Coach, Lucy provides leadership coaching, team coaching and meeting facilitation in support of strengthening strategic value-creation. Her lived experience adapting across cultures, diverse environments and challenging circumstances sets the foundation for supporting global clients in reaching their highest potential while navigating their biggest challenges. Lucy cultivates conversations on resilient leadership, team literacy, and cultural competence. She is a staunch champion of fostering stellar team cultures and brand experiences across diverse stakeholders. From a young age, Lucy was a writer and artist. She’s a connector and strategist, and mother of two adult boys. Areas of specialty: 1. Leadership Development & Team Literacy, 2. Team Alignment & Engagement, 3. Resilience & Stress Management, 4. Cultural Competence. Website: