Louise Pitre

Expert Overview

Louise is a certified systems leadership systems coach, facilitator, and organizational development consultant with 30 years’ experience in government, business and the non-profit sector cultivating systems change for deep equity. Louise specializes in helping leaders, organizations, and cross-sectoral collaboratives create the culture shifts needed for more inclusive workplaces and a just society. Using systems coaching approaches and embodied practices, Louise creates unique and impactful experiences to help leaders and teams SEE their power, KNOW their impact, and TRANSFORM their power. We can’t get to social justice “out there” unless leaders and teams do their inner work. At the heart of equity-centered leadership, is the conscious and intentional use of power. At the heart of a transformed system, is doing and distributing power differently.

She has expertise in working with women, trans, and non-binary people in leadership as well as white-identified leaders to explore the intricate and complex power dance between the personal, positional, and social.