Jen Reed-Lewis, MA CSODP

Expert Overview

Jen supports leaders and change-makers meet the challenges of today while building inclusive, productive, change resilient workplaces and organizations. With more than 25 years of coaching and organization development experiences, she helps leaders make more mindful choices on how they can more effectively use their power to draw out the best in themselves and others.
Being a leader in today’s demanding work environment requires a full view perspective on strengths and blind spots to effectively inspire and engage. Having worked extensively with leaders in the Canadian healthcare sector since 2006, Jen understands even the best and brightest from time-time need planning partners they can trust to engage in bold actions. She helps leaders’ sort through the complexity, reveal untapped potential in seemingly near impossible challenges, and prepare a compelling while realistic plan forward. Using Erickson solution-focused coaching methods and various tools to deepen insight such as Diamond Leadership Assessments, Jen’s coach approach is pragmatic and future-focused making your progress in change swift and rewarding. Areas of Specialty: Executive Coaching – Culture and Change, Strategic Partnerships/Alliances, Burnout; Leadership Development – Raising Stars, Inspiring Others, Managing Competing Priorities; Team Performance – Transitions, Competing Values, Diversity, Collaboration; Strategic Planning – Inclusive Solutions, Strategy Deployment, Virtual Planning/Facilitations.